Order your PCB on-line in 3 easy steps


FR4 rigid 1 to 14 Layers



FPC - Flex - PI 1 to 4 Layers



IMS Aluminium circuit


On-line quotation and order + express PCB production

Specialised in PCB production, our company is focused on manufacturing quality PCB prototypes to small volumes. We’ve developed this on-line quotation page and order management tool for you. You are then able to benefit 24/7 from our services and experience. In a few clicks you can:

  • Define and configure, in detail, your:
    • FR4: 1 to 14L
    • FPC - Flex: 1 to 4L
    • IMS - Metal clad boards
  • Select the quantity you wish to order
  • Adapt the time frame that best suit your need
  • Upload your files and confirm the order

Our quotation web site allows you to instantly know the cost of your PCB, but also the delivery time. Your private area ‘My Account’ will also allow us to monitor the progress of your production, see your orders, re-order past PCBs in 3 clicks, and much more.

Advanced technology for a small batch PCB production

All PCBs, from initial gerber file review to final electrical tests, are done in house. Our equipment is carefully selected for its flexibility and performance. We consistently upgrade our production capability by investing in advanced equipment. This allows us to remain flexible, but also to manufacture complex boards within a very reasonable time.

No MOQs are imposed; you are free to order one single PCB, as well as larger volumes. We do not work on the bases of a ‘pool production’; hence every PCB has its own unique film, manufacturing instructions & testing equipment. By doing this, we ensure best results for every batch of your repeat orders, regardless of the volume.

On this web page, you only have options for selecting standard rigid PCBs; 1 to 14 layers, FPC; 1 to 4 layers and IMS. For other types of PCB, please free to send us an RFQ and we would be delighted to quote by return. Other types of PCB manufactured:

  • Rigid PCB: 16 to 32 layers 
  • HDI boards with laser drills, buried and blind vias
  • FPC, flexible from 6 to 10 layers
  • Flex-rigid till 12 layers as well as semi-flex
  • Embedded resistors and capacitors
  • Technical substrates: Arlon, Rogers, FR408HR, etc