PCB manufacturing is our area of expertise

By contacting our company, you take advantage of our know-how, the competencies of our team and our swift production lead-time of 5 to 12 days, even 48 hours for our express mode. All PCBs are manufactured in our 2 factories in Shenzhen. Both are modern and geared with the latest equipment. We are specialised in small series and quick turn around PCB. We are able to handle simple boards as well as more complex ones.

Our overall capabilities are wider then these available here on this web site. For simplicity reasons, we only offer here FR4 PCB, going from single side to 14 layers with various specifications, but our factories capabilities are much wider: - Rigid PCB up to 32 layers - FPC, flex boards from 1 to 10 layers - Flex-rigid boards of which up to 12 layers rigid + 8 layers flex - HDI boards with laser drills, blind and buried vias - MCPCB / IMS: alu & copper based PCB, 1 or 2 layers - Semiflex boards

A large proportion of the PCBs we manufacture will have repeat orders from our customers. Therefore, we do not practice ‘pool’ production (several PCBs from different customers on one working panel). Our factories have one set of films per PCB, and a unique tester for your PCBs. This allows us to have an excellent repeatability in the quality of our PCBs. Your unique specification are always checked and respected.

Any questions? We would be happy to hear from you.

Various options and surface finish available

Our technical capabilities allow us to deliver high quality PCB suitable for all market sectors.

Our competences allow us to offer various options, of which: - A wide choice of base material: FR4, halogen free, CTI, TG135 to TG230, Arlon, Rogers, FR408HR, etc. - Material and copper thickness; a wide option is available upon request - Counter sink holes, depth routing, plated edges, ½ plated vias, etc - Various solder mask colours, peelable mask, carbon printing And various surface finish: - Gold: ENIG (chemical Au), ENEPIG, hard Au (for contacts), soft Au (for bonding) - Immersion Tin and Silver, HASL (with or without lead) or OSP (entek) - Selective finish: HAL LF / OSP + hard Au

This web site will cater for most of your FR4 PCB configuration. You will be able to get an on-line price most FR4 PCB in any quantity as well as a precise delivery date for your boards. For all other types of boards, please feel free to contact us; we would be delighted to quote by return.