Our technical capabilities for PCB manufacturing

For decades our company is specialised in PCB manufacturing in small volume and express delivery. Our factory has the best equipment and technology to build quality PCBs. Besides, common boards, we are also able, and happy, to support you for more complex boards.

There is no faster quotation then an on-line system. With PCBprototype.com, you are able to configure your PCB on-line, many options are available and you get an instant price and delivery time for your newly designed PCB. Up-load your gerber files, click the order button and we will start working on your latest project.

Other PCBs on demand

On this page, you will find our capabilities for standard FR4 PCBs. Our equipment & knowledge allow us to manufacture other types of PCBs not available to order on-line. So, besides the types of PCB available on-line, we are also able to produce: 

  • Rigid PCB: 16 to 32 layers
  • Wider range of material & copper thickness upon request 
  • HDI boards with laser drills, buried and blind vias
  • FPC, flexible from 6 to 10 layers
  • Flex-rigid till 12 layers, semi-flex
  • PCB with embedded capacitors & resistors
  • Technical substrates: Arlon, Rogers, FR408HR, etc

Please contact us, if you need more information.


What Standard Capabilities On RFQ demand
Layer quantity 1 to 32 layers up to 42 layers
Material thickness (1 and 2 layers) 0.2mm to 5mm < 0.2mm or > 5.0mm
Material thickness (for multilayers) 0.35mm to 5.0mm < 0.35mm or > 5.0mm
Material thickness tolerance For < 1.0mm: +/- 0.1mm, for >1.0mm: +/-10%   
Outer Copper thickness 17, 35, 70, 105, 140, 175µm 210 to 350µm
Inner Copper thickness 17, 35, 70, 105, 140, 175, 210µm  
Base material type FR4 TG130°C, TG150°C, TG170°C TG200°C, TG230°C, Rogers, Arlon, Teflon
Surface finish OSP, LF-HASL, imm. gold (ENIG), ENEPIG, Silver, Tin HASL with lead
Immersion tin thickness 0.8 to 1.5µm  
HAL lead free thickness ≥ 0.4µm  
HAL lead thickness ≥ 0.4µm  
ENIG - Immersion gold - nickel thickness 3 to 5µm  
ENIG - Immersion gold - gold thickness 0.025 to 0.127µm  
Electrolytic connectic gold / hard gold Ni thickness: 3 to 5µm  
Electrolytic connectic gold / hard gold Au thickness: 0.125 to 1.3µm  
Connector gold Yes  
Maximum PCB size 1 and 2 layers PCB 546 x 1198mm  
Maximum PCB size for multilayer PCBs 546 x 1198mm  
Minimum unit PCB size 10 x 10mm  
Minimum circuit PCB in routing panels 10 x 10mm  
Minimum PCB width 5mm  
Multi panels (more than one layout per panel) Yes  
Half-open PTH on PCB edge Yes  
Edge plating (outer edge) Yes  
Via-Filling (no copper lid) Yes  
Electric test Flying probe if< 3sqm or fixture if > 3sqm  
Plugging with copper lid (e.g. for via-in-pad) Yes  
Peelable mask Top, bottom or double sided  
Carbon print / smallest pad-to-pad distance Yes / 0.7mm  
Bevelling Yes  
Bevelling angle 20°, 25°, 30°, 45°  
Jump-v-cut Yes  
V-cut depth +/-0.075mm  
Z-axis milling Yes, tolerance +/-0.2mm  
Counter-sink-holes Yes  
Multilayer special stack-up Yes  
Smallest mechanical drill 0.15mm RFQ if thickness/aperture > 10:1
Smallest annular ring 35µm 0.2mm larger than the via  
Smallest annular ring 70µm & 105µm 0.4mm larger than the via  
Smallest annular ring 140µm & 210µm 0.5mm larger than the via  
Possible drill diameters 0.2 to 6.3mm < 0.2mm
Smallest drill distance (drill edge to drill edge) 0.125mm  
Smallest blind via (final diameter) 0.2mm 0.15mm
Smallest annular ring 0.1mm larger than the via  
Smallest buried via (final diameter) 0.2mm 0.15mm
Smallest inner routing NPTH 0.8mm  
Smallest radius (inner corners) NPTH 0.4mm  
Smallest inner routing PTH (final diameter) 0.95mm  
Special routing paths with plating (inner) Yes  
Trace & spacing on 18µm 0.076mm  
Trace & spacing on 35µm 0.076mm  
Trace & spacing on 70µm 0.178mm  
Trace & spacing on 105µm 0.254 mm  
Copper clearance to inner routing 0.20 for inner layers, 0.25mm for outer layers  
Copper clearance to board edge (routing) 0.20 for inner layers, 0.25mm for outer layers  
Copper clearance to board edge (v-cut) 0.45mm  
Solder mask colour Green, white, black, blue, red  
Solder mask, smallest web (green, straight) 0,1mm  
Solder mask, smallest web (non-green, straight) 0.127mm  
Solder mask, smallest web (round) 0.1mm  
Solder mask, smallest size around copper 0.15mm bigger than the copper pad  
Solder mask, smallest text lines 0.21mm  
Silk print colour White, black Yellow, red
Silk screen smallest lines Width: 0.1mm, height: 0.6mm  
Silk screen smallest distance between lines 0.1mm  
Silk screen minimum clearance to copper pads 0.05mm  
Max. offset drill centre to centre of reference 0.075mm  
Finished drill sizes PTH (up to 3mm) +/-0.075mm  
Finished drill sizes PTH (>3mm) +/-0.075mm  
Finished drill sizes NPTH (up to 6mm) +/-0.05mm  
Finished drill sizes NPTH (>6mm) +/-0.05mm  
Outline +/-0.1mm  
Winding 0.2% to 0.75%  
Warping 0.2% to 0.75%  
Base materials RoHS-compliance Always  
Surface finish RoHS-compiance Always Unless "HAL lead" is explicitly required
IPC-norm IPC-A-600G - Class 2 or Class 3  
UL-approved base material Always  
DIN EN ISO 9001 certification for PCB Yes  
DIN EN ISO 14001 certification for PCB Yes  
DIN EN ISO 16949 certification for PCB Yes, PPAP upon request  
Production lead time for 1 & 2 layers PCB From 4WD (< 1sqm) to 11WD (above 10sqm) Express in 48H
Production lead time for 4 & 8 layers PCB From 6WD (< 1sqm) to 14WD (above 10sqm) Express in 48H
Production lead time for 10 & 14 layers PCB From 9WD (< 1sqm) to 18WD (above 10sqm) Express in 120H
Production lead time for 16 to 24 layers PCB From 12WD (< 1sqm) to 24WD (above 10sqm) Express in 150H