AOI control for multi-layers PCB

AOI, Automatic Optical Inspection, has become a must to ensure good quality inner & outer layers of PCB. As years pass by, PCBs are becoming more and more complex; the number of layers increases, traces are getting thinner. Human eye is no longer appropriate for this type of control. Therefor, for all our multilayers PCB, we use AOI to control the quality of all inner, but also outer, layers.

Our Shenzhen factory has a dozen of such machines to ensure full compliance to your gerber file.

AOI, a contactless and quick test

By performing this critical operation, our team can detect any defect on these PCB layers. Our AOI machines are equipped with high-resolution cameras, which then compared the scanned files with your gerber file. Here under a few features that the inspection machine would detect: - Line width violation or excess copper - Spacing violation - Missing pads - Short circuits - Vias not well centred, formed, etc. This operation is contactless; hence we do not damage the quality of the work done. This test is systematic and is part of our normal process for all our multi-layers PCBs.