Gerber file verification before production

PCB quality is paramount to us. This is why we regularly invest in new machines and production equipment in order to always benefit from the latest technology. In the same spirit, we have set up numerous quality controls, which are made through out the production process.

The very first control is made right at the reception of your gerber file. Our well-trained CAM engineers will analyse and review your specifications.

Key focus areas will cover:

  • Coherence between your files and the information you provided on our web site (for on-line orders)
  • Identifying missing information and making concrete proposal to our customers.
  • Technical coherence between your requirements and our capabilities; example: thick copper board with fine lines). 

These controls allow us to start from a good base and to ensure that we understood well your requirements. We are able to produce small volumes in quick turn around, but this does not mean that we will neglect quality. On the contrary, quality remains our priority. This initial stage will considerably reduce the gap between your expectations and our production.

Pre-production technical questions

So, as mentioned before, it is important to have accurate and precise specifications and gerber files. To ensure this, our CAM designers will contact if any doubt arises. If any doubt, we will ask you very specific questions to ensure we understand you well. This procedure takes place under a document called ‘Engineering Questions’ (EQ). This file will list all uncertain points we listed. We will very clearly explain the issues we have and we will submit our proposals. These points are normally submitted with specific drawings, gerber extract for your reference. We will also give you options and our recommendations to settle each point.

We will wait for your written confirmation of all open matters before starting production. Production time will start once all is cleared.

If you have any questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.