X-ray to improve PCB quality

While producing a PCB in our factory, our quality team makes constant controls. The first one is made upon reception of your files. Others are made during the set up of the working instructions, at the beginning of the production line, etc. For certain PCBs, we make the use of X-ray to improve our quality.

We use X-ray equipment in 3 differences instances: 

1. Target shooting machine. This X-ray machine drills precision positioning holes in substrates. These holes are used for: the various layers of multilayer PCBs to ensure perfect superposition, but also for single side and double side PCB, in order to have excellent locating marks before going into a punch process and/or drilling.

2. Multilayers inspection. This equipment verifies the good superposition of internal layers of a PCB. We will always check the 1st PCB of every batch; others will be based on our AQL chart. Only tolerances of less then 50um are acceptable.

3. Thickness measurement. This device measures PCBs’ surface finish. It will accurately provide the thickness of gold, nickel, tin or silver on our PCBs.

An efficient solution to ensure consistent quality

Reliable process and precise equipment are necessary to regularly achieve quality PCBs, be it a one-time order or repetitive batches. It is possible to manufacture complex PCBs with strict tolerance and specification, when using tools that allow you to achieve this. Our factory has all 3 types of laser equipment described here above. We extensively use them, as it helps us in the aim to be your preferred supplier of high quality PCBs.

If you wish to know more, please contact us. We would be delighted to help you.