Our expertise : FPC manufacturing

By contacting us, you benefit from our know-how, our well-trained team and our quick production time. On top of the rigid PCBs, we are also able to support you with flexible boards (FPC). On top of our factory, which focuses on rigid boards, we have a second factory 100% dedicated to flex boards only. For this range, we are also able to support for single unit FPC as well as larger batches. Our capabilities cover: 

  • FPC from 1 to 10 layers.
  • Stiffener in FR4, PI, alu, etc
  • Track/space: 50um (2mil), smallest mechanical drill of 0.15mm
  • Surface finish: ENIG or chemical Tin, OSP

We apply the same stringent quality standard and control in both factories. Quality and respect of customer’s requirements remain at the centre of our focus. We apply this policy to all our projects, even the most complex ones. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a quotation.

FPC production lead time

Our factory is organised for maximum flexibility and smooth flow of the production. Most FPCs are manufactured over a period going from 8 to 20 days. But, like for rigid PCBs, we also propose express delivery, where it is possible to reduce the production time and get your flexis in 4 days. Although most of our orders are made of small to medium size volumes, we are in a position to make a single FPC. We follow the same principle in the FPC factory as for the rigid factory. This means, we keep all files/MI/WI/testers for 2 years, this allows you to place repeat orders and you are ensured to receive exactly the same quality of FPC as the first time.

Feel free to contact us for any information and quotations you might have.