Manufacturing of double side PCBs

Years after years, we clearly see that PCB complexity increases. Single side PCBs are moving into double side & the double side into multi-layers. In our key markets; the industry and the medical sectors, single sided PCBs have nearly disappeared. Yet, in the former area, double sided boards are still widely used.

With our expertise in PCB production, our company is able to assist you with the manufacturing of double side plated though holes PCBs (DSPTH) as well as double side non plated though holes PCBs (DSNPTH) PCBs. With the support of our on-line quotation page, you can directly define your PCB in terms of size, layer counts, but also surface finish, solder mask colour, copper and material thickness, as well as other specifications.

PCB can be made according to IPC class II or class III. For automotive applications, we are in a position to provide PPAP reports. Your PCB can be a ‘simple board’ or a more complex one, please feel free to contact us. Our factory is certified ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001, we also comply with UL, REACH and ROHS standards.

A production floor suitable for small repeat orders as well as single units

We will always endeavour to meet your requirements. We can produce a single unit PCB, as well as small to medium volumes. We do not work along a ‘pool’ concept; hence our factory keeps all files and production parameters of any PCB for up to 2 years. This allows us to take repeat orders and make these PCBs 100% identical to the first batch we delivered to you.

Production lead-time will depend on the volume; normal lead-time would go from 5 days for quantities of less then 1sqm to 12 days for larger volumes. Too slow ? Well, we are also able to provide express manufacturing services, where PCBs can be made in 48 hours.

In order to get a precise price, you just need to fill in our on-line quotation form. Then, depending on your specifications and quantities, we will provide you with an on-line price. If interested, you just have to download your gerber files and confirm the order.

We are looking forward to have you as our next customer!