Production of flex rigid board at the heart of our development

Our company believes that flex-rigid PCBs (or rigid-flex) will see a great development in the years to come. Smaller objects, higher performances and expectations for higher reliability generate the increasing demand for flex-rigid boards.

Yes, the cost of a flex-rigid PCB is higher then sum of its individual flex and rigid parts, but you have to consider the total cost of ownership:

  • Process cost of various parts as compared to a single flex-rigid to order, to receive, to stock, one supplier to handle, one payment. This would save you a lot of time as compared to multiple parts, from several suppliers
  • Assembly: all SMT parts are mounted on a single flex-rigid board. Otherwise, you have to populate 2 or 3 or more individual PCBs. This later organisation would lead to a less productive and less efficient production and consequently, a higher cost.
  • One single test sequence instead of one test per separate PCBs plus one more once all parts are assembled together.
  • Final assembly of the function: no extra labour cost to assemble the various PCBs with cable, connectors, etc.

For all these reasons, we have invested a lot in terms of product development. We have the privilege to have 2 distinct factories; one being focused on FPC, while the other one is dedicated to rigid PCBs and where the assembly of these flex-rigid boards takes place.

Coherent with our economical model, we are able to supply flex-rigid in single units, as well as in small to medium volumes.

Semi-flex PCBs

Less know, semi-flex PCBs are initially a rigid FR4 PCB to which, we remove most of the thickness by CNC depth milling in order to achieve a flexible area. This type of circuit enables a flexion of 90 degrees or more depending on the radius. The semiflex can be bent up to 20 cycles; 0 – 90 degrees – 0. Once in position, the PCB should no longer move. The purpose of semiflex boards is not to allow continuous movements, but rather to be bent once into a final fixe position.